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General industry benefits

Consulting firms, accounting companies and law firms  are dealing with highly sensitive documentation and information concerning their clients which they need to secure.  Through data management these companies can eliminate security breaches, create invulnerable back-up  copies and establish different access roles to the data. In addition, these companies have a lot of routine administrative tasks; using a data solution  they can automate information classification processes and make more accurate predictions of future market and trends.

Data management and big data are great allies to achieve the digital transformation that these companies need. The implementation of these technological changes will allow you to dedicate time to your core business and a more secure environment, which will translate directly into cost reduction and time optimisation.

Our take on this

“nucleoo empowers data-driven manufacturing with a modern data platform that helps improve the performance of critical systems, reduce IT infrastructure costs, provide a scalable data governance framework and discover untapped data-driven opportunities with advanced analytics and Machine Learning.”

Jonathan Ramirez,


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