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Embracing KPI and ROI

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General industry benefits

Technology is advancing faster than ever before. Converging technologies are transforming businesses, industries and our lives constantly. Being at the forefront of innovation can give you a competitive advantage and not being at the forefront can mean being left out of the market.

Technology data management provides insights at the right time, the right place and for the KPI’s defined. In a SAAS business model, a key indicator is customer loyalty. Managing your customers’ information as well as the use of your software will help you reduce unsubscriptions. Whether the aim is to improve ROI or the customer experience, the challenge is to turn a honey pot of data into powerful information for the user.

Use Case Tech, IT and SaaS

A global provider of satellite-observed water and temperature data, products and services.
Blending data archives with real-time spatial mapping for maximum client utility.

The challenge:

Developing a scalable software infrastructure for intuitive, client-led data analysis
VanderSat enlisted nucleoo to develop innovative, client-specific applications to translate millions of satellite data transactions into digestible information for immediate action on the ground, such as optimal harvesting and drought or flood detection.

The approach:

Building end-to-end web infrastructure to give VanderSat’s clients data on demand
Combining an API to deliver raw satellite data and a Web Mapping Service for updated spatial visualisation, nucleoo designed a web infrastructure and user interface to allow VanderSat’s clients to view specific geographical locations and satellite data categories as needed.

The results:

A rapid-delivery, customisable user interface primed for future analysis needs
nucleoo’s modular approach accelerated the user interface concept design, including optimised back- and front-end capabilities. With this new web infrastructure, VanderSat’s can grant its clients access to years of historical data, as well as developing additional modelling capacities in future. 

Our take on this

“(Big) Data management has revolutionised value generation in many industries. Technology providers constantly strive to innovate and improve their tools, services and offerings to enhance customer loyalty and reduce cost.”

Jorge González


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