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General industry benefits

At nucleoo, we work to create positive impact in the humanitarian sector through the power of data management. We are committed to helping non-profit organisations and social initiatives fulfil their missions and improve their analytical and predictive power.

We are proud to contribute our 8+ years of experience supporting organisations across various industries and sectors to help non-profits unlock unique and relevant data solutions.

Use Case Non-Profit

A Dutch NGO working to make the world’s rivers safe to drink again. 
Drinkable Rivers uses cutting edge data technology to help reduce water pollution

The challenge:

Organise and analyse water data samples taken from multiple rivers & streams
Drinkable Rivers has vast quantities of water measurement data collected by citizen scientists, for which they need a powerful data infrastructure to extract valuable insights.

The approach:

Crafting an agile and accessible infrastructure to support extracting insights from water measurement data 
nucleoo provides a customised data solution to process and organise the water samples through multi-variable analysis.

The results:

Powerful, customised insights to raise public awareness 
With nucleoo, Drinkable Rivers can adapt and develop flexible algorithms and customised reports on demand. This facilitates access to crucial information on our rivers’ past, present and future, creating insights for local governments and raising public awareness. 

Our take on this

“We know that many non-profit organisations face systemic challenges in leveraging data, which is why we’re committed to partnering with selected non-profits to address the most pressing humanitarian challenges.”

Jonathan Ramirez


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