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Logistics and Transport

Real-time supply chain visibility and predictive transportation systems

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General industry benefits

The logistics sector is constantly looking for ways to improve the efficiency of passenger and freight transport processes, in order to ensure user convenience. The challenge for this sector is coping with the amount of data that is generated daily, such as geolocation, meteorology, seasonality, type of customer and most used routes.

Logistics and Transport data management enables you to integrate and analyse this information,  in order to optimise routes and avoid traffic jams, as well as determine the right price for each trip, make fuel management more efficient and reduce CO2 emissions.

Use Case Logistics And Transport

A public transport company operating multiple tram and bus networks across the Netherlands.
Aggregating real-time multi-source data for intelligent public transport provision.

The challenge:

Inaccessible operational data web blocking future strategic development
HTM analysts lacked a performant, agile data architecture to independently access, analyse and optimally store multi-variable, multi-source operational data.

The approach:

Enabling flexible, multi-parameter data consultations with Azure native infrastructure
Azure Data Factory pipelines, Data Lake storage and a Databricks Notebook sandbox optimise business-critical queries on HTM’s refined operational data. Working with secure, streamlined data, HTM analysts can generate KPIs, customised Grafana graphics and AI applications.

The results

Intelligent, agile, customer-centric public transport solutions
With Data Exploration, HTM has a solid basis to develop future data solutions promoting operational efficiency, environmental impact and passenger safety. Faster, more accurate insights across real-time technical and human data will shape the public transport of the future.

Our take on this

“Data insights allow Logistics companies to plan the optimal fleet and staffing at all times. In addition, data-driven companies will gain a comprehensive track and trace of people/goods and enhanced management of delivery times, while also offering data security to their customers.”

Arnoud Krom


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