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Digitalized and personalized quest experiences and sustainability

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General industry benefits

The hospitality industry has been drastically affected by both digital transformation and COVID-19. These two factors have revolutionised the way we travel. Data management in the hospitality sector enables businesses to make predictions regarding demand and price, manage the seasonality of the sector and take proactive steps to enhance booking systems.

In addition, analysing consumption data and visitors’ food preferences allows the hospitality industry to reduce food waste and offer personalised diets, contributing to more sustainable tourism.

There is also a wealth of data available on the booking location, ethnicity, age and destination preferences of international tourists. As a result, big data analysis enables the tourism sector to customise its market offering.

Use Case Hospitality Industry

GrwNxt at the forefront of food innovation with nucleoo 
A food technology company, with the purpose of feeding communities in megacities such as hotel chains and campuses with fresh, highly nutritious food produced locally. GrwNxt will bring indoor farming to the next level with a data-driven global infrastructure of climate rooms. Powered by machine learning, GrwNxt will drive quality and yield to levels not reached by other indoor farms.

The challenge:

Reducing waste and adapting to current dietary trends
GrwNxt and nucleoo teamed up for a collaborative project around the analysis of customer data from potential client groups of GrwNxt. The aim is to find the underlying patterns that give guidance to management on waste reduction, minimising CO2 and optimisation of healthy, fresh food supply for a variety of international guests.

The approach:

Set up an advanced data infrastructure to analyse visitor data
Anonymised data from the various sources will be collected in a central data store, where it will be securely stored, cleaned and processed, to populate the synergy’s base data lake. After this, the connection points between the datasets will be established, deriving patterns and data detections that will support the launching customers in client profiling, hotel profiling, seasonality patterns and anomalies (events, holidays, special offer periods, high/mid/low season). Data will be automatically updated and transformed into high-value visual resources. 

The results:

Food efficiency and healthy, sustainable and personalised menus
The project is still underway, and nucleoo expects to provide patterns and predictions, such as customer profiles and patterns of food supply, for better strategic decision making. With this information, GrwNxt will be better equipped to enable the hospitality industry with more personalised, healthy and environmentally friendly food offers.

Our take on this

“Big data is a key concept to be aware of within the hospitality industry, and can help hospitality owners and other business leaders to identify important patterns and trends. As a result, it can help to improve revenue management, reduce waste, minimise CO2 emissions, optimise healthy, fresh food supply for a variety of international guests and enhance the customer experience that is being delivered.”

Arnoud Krom


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