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Personalization of care and pharma digitization 

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General industry benefits

Decision-making should be based on facts, regardless of industry. The importance of data collection and its analysis (in other words, leveraging data management technologies) has demonstrated that the more accurate the information gathered, the sounder the decisions made, and the better the results that can be achieved. Healthcare, including the pharmaceutical sector, is an industry that is greatly influenced and altered by data.

Data collection in healthcare allows health systems to create holistic views of patients, personalise treatments, advance treatment methods, improve communication between doctors and patients, and enhance health outcomes.

Health data management enables industry providers to integrate and analyse medical data to make patient care more efficient and extract insights that can improve medical outcomes, while protecting data security and privacy.

Use Case Healthcare

Ksyos enables virtual medical appointments with a custom-built web app 
Safeguarding patients and doctors with a distanced care platform integrated with MedMij and DigiD
The Netherlands’ largest digital healthcare facility, with 4,500 specialists and paramedics and 7,500 doctors.

The challenge:

Facilitating virtual medical treatments during the Coronavirus crisis
As the COVID-19 pandemic took hold, Dutch hospitals advised patients not to attend in-person appointments and delayed non-critical procedures, both to free up much-needed hospital beds and reduce infection risks. However, maintaining virtual patient-doctor communication and routine treatments remained vital. 

The approach:

Connecting doctors and patients via a secure, reliable and highly accessible web app
Working with Ksyos and the wider Dutch social security system (utilising DigiD authentication), our team created a web application from scratch to facilitate virtual doctor’s appointments. Leveraging modern web development tools like ReactJS, NodeJS, Typescript and AWS, we created a user-friendly application accessible via patients’ mobile phones.

The results:

A leading virtual healthcare app, fully integrated with major Dutch health entities
Via secure connection to leading Dutch health data platform MedMij, patients gained access to medical histories, treatment instructions and tailored treatment questionnaires. Facilitating virtual medical appointments and at-home treatment, the app helped keep Dutch patients and doctors safe during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Our take on this

“Health Data Management enables you to integrate and analyse medical data to make patient care more efficient, and extract insights that can improve medical outcomes, while protecting the security and privacy of the data.”

Jorge González


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