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Education and (e-)Learning

From big data to personalized learning experiences

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General industry benefits

These days, every aspect of educational development creates digital data. Students, faculty, staff and commercial organizations are continually creating files for assignments, lectures and lesson plans, lab and field research, plus the administrative “paper trail”.
Data management systems help schools and organizations keep more consistent records and Increase productivity. Also, when teachers and coaches have better access through data management systems, they can be more effective at helping their students.

COVID-19 has made it clear that digital transformation is not a nice-to-have—it is an absolute necessity. They must evolve their approach to teaching and enhance their digital learning environments to offer better support to students, professors, and staff, most of whom have no choice but to operate remotely.

Our take on this

“Data plays an integral role in today’s education and virtual schooling systems. Due to the pandemic, even more anonymous aggregate data can be used across both programmatic development and the student lifecycle in order to boost performance.”

Rubén Trujillo


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