Our main objectives are to achieve optimal cloud performance and costs for our clients.

Reasons to go fully cloud native

They’re cheaper and get the job done
Their performance is great for your solution
Updates are managed
Ease of use

Reasons to use custom solution instead of cloud native

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nucleoo for Azure

Nucleoo for Azure uses Azure components to provide a strong infrastructure foundation and integrate with industry standards, like PowerBI.This ensures a best of breed technology platform, considering performance, cost and maintenance, while keeping a full customisation options available.

Data Factory, Data Lake Gen 2, HDInsight and PowerBI are just some of the cloud components that make Nucleoo excel on Microsoft’s cloud.

Azure native infrastructure setup

Azure is the second largest public cloud provider on the market. However, Microsoft is still the number one enterprise solution provider. This means they understand enterprise clients better than anybody else and are the preferred supplier for many. Azure started slow, but we believe it could overtake AWS in the coming years.

Bi4 Group is an Azure partner, with a vast amount of experience in preparing and configuring the right data infrastructure.

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