By leveraging their innovative insights-as-a-service platform, nucleoo provides Ostrica with immediate and enhanced data analytics. This way, Ostrica will be more effective while developing new machine learning-driven investment algorithms.

Amsterdam, 20 July 2021 – With Ostrica, nucleoo today connects another customer operating in the Netherlands to its integrated IAAS platform. Ostrica, an independent quantitative investment manager offering tailor-made investment strategies to its clients, has signed a contract with nucleoo to implement their state-of-the-art data management solution.

Successful through innovation

With 800 million euro in assets under management for more than 5 thousand clients, Ostrica has always distinguished itself through structured, model-based investing and risk management. Kai Yuen, (COO and CFO of the company) emphasizes, “Ostrica is aware of the current key role of data in asset management and its impact on today’s investment strategies. We are committed to applying the latest innovations to automate repetitive tasks and make these person independent. We rely on Nucleoo’s technology and expertise to execute all data and infrastructure related projects, with the ultimate goal of having our quants develop only new models and algorithms. A unique combination of man and machine”.

Better returns through data analytics

Asset managers depend on processing and analyzing data from numerous systems on a daily basis. Ostrica aims to minimize the time spent preparing data to match its advanced algorithms for investment strategy, facilitating its usability for portfolio managers. Nucleoo is being used to create Ostrica’s “Single Source of Truth,” reducing dependence on systems and individuals and enabling the company’s non-technical users to use advanced algorithms.


Nucleoo supports Ostrica during its data-driven journey. The new technology architecture enables Ostrica to make its business more efficient and future-proof. Pieter Aarts, CSO at nucleoo; “Data plays an integral role in today’s Investment management. We are delighted to welcome Ostrica as a new customer. nucleoo premium will provide the data insights and infrastructural scalability that Ostrica needs”.