At the end of last year, we announced a ground-up rebrand planned for 2021. Now, it’s here: we’re pleased to introduce Nucleoo. Nucleoo is the Spanish translation of nucleus which in science means the center of an atom. Like data, in size the nucleus is only a tiny part of the atom however it contains virtually all the mass.

Driven by a common goal, we will continue to equip people and businesses in all their variety with the right-sized, right-timed and right-priced data expertise and insights they need to make informed decisions. We know that gut feeling is indispensable in business, and no amount of data-crunching will change that fact. So, we simply aim to reinforce business sense with accessible, agile data insights.

Building on our extensive experience, and aware of changing market needs around speed and flexibility, we are now realigning our focus and delivery model on ‘Data Insights as a Service’. Facts, projections, models and scenarios, delivered as a complete service so our clients can focus on what they do best: making informed tactical and strategic decisions for their business.

Companies of all sizes in all segments need data insights but, despite the abundance of data technology and tools available, we are far from a level data playing field. Hiring data analysts is quite simply not an option for all; systems and tools only become useful after an extensive training period and require highly skilled staff, too. That is why we have decided to move towards a services-based model. Nucleoo’s low cost, ‘no tech – no stack’ approach empowers companies of all stripes to capitalise on the massive potential of data-driven, disruptive enterprise.

Ours is a new way of looking at- and dealing with data, providing a ‘Single Version of the Truth’ to act as a guide and companion on our clients’ new data-driven journey. Nucleoo is here as the ally in informed decision-making, whether one is facing growth, risk management or scaling down challenges.

From rapid implementation to long-term benefits, companies will gain expert data insights for a fraction of the cost of investing when compared to going it alone, with investments in talent, tech stack and data processes. Instead, they can trust their end-to-end data management to the capable hands of our highly knowledgeable, experienced and solution-smart team.

Energetic, proud and protective of our ecosystem, which encompasses our employees, clients and partners, we are fully committed to maintaining our trusting, durable relationships in the midst of shifting our corporate look and approach. We have long-standing relationships with many of our clients and, as we aim to reach beyond the Netherlands into the wider world, we would very much like to support them in their international operations.

With a fresh, flexible and instant services model, we are ready to accompany clients as they face the challenges and opportunities of a rapidly changing and complex world. We, at Nucleoo, look forward to our onward journey.