We are shaking up the way businesses manage their data

Our Story

In today’s business reality, cutting-edge data management is the make-or-break factor for any company. Cast your mind over the list of today’s most successful enterprises, and you will soon see what ties them together: strategies that put data above everything else.

With a mission to help clients implement customised data solutions, our company was founded in Amsterdam in 2012 and branded ‘Bi4’. Notable projects typically for our start-up phase included reporting satellite and industrial IoT sensor data and creating a self-service data science platform for supermarket receipts.

Motivated by an overheated labour market in the Netherlands, and due to our strong ties with Spain, we moved to Madrid in 2014. We continued to grow as a company with a strong technological base, gaining traction in the Dutch market as data specialists with a team of highly qualified professionals.

In 2015, we settled in Granada, a city with one of the best – at an international scale – Computer Engineering Universities. We became one of the most popular  companies to work for in south-east Andalusia and were able to pass the 50 team member milestone shortly after.

In 2017, we started to realise that many of our clients experienced similar learning curves, requesting solutions similar to those we had, in fact, previously developed for other clients. This was when we first started to invest in a proprietary modular platform that aligned with most of the common data management requirements.

In 2020, we took the next step and transitioned our modules into a platform which extracts insights from one or multiple data sets. We also changed the way we engage with our clients: we now offer four well-chosen service tiers providing ‘Insights as a Service’, at low cost, with no tech or stack involved for our clients. We are first to market and are passionate about disrupting the way companies turn their data into true assets and benefit from the upward Artificial Intelligence trend.

We have already proven ourselves as a challenger in the Dutch cloud computing and data management market. Now, we are geared towards becoming a European leader. Thanks to our domain expertise, we are able to take on any data-related challenge across eleven selected industries.

While evolving our company identity, we decided to rebrand our company ‘nucleoo’. Nucleo is the Spanish translation of nucleus which in science is the centre of an atom. Just like your data, in size the nucleus is only a tiny part of the atom. However, it contains virtually all the mass.

nucleoo’s main core value is best described as a protective group and sound launch pad for ambitious team members. Our work ethic centres around this culture, set of habits and lifestyle. We are straightforward, hardworking, reliant upon each other and, as entrepreneurs, we are not afraid to take calculated risks.

We are on a journey as a team, with our clients and with our partners. Although next year we shall celebrate our 10th anniversary, we feel the journey has only just begun….

Our Vision

Disruptive enterprises uniquely built on data insights are generating massive value as we speak. Although data technology and tools exist in abundance, this does not mean that there is a ‘level data playing field’ for all. Many companies struggle – each from their own competence –  to turn a rapidly growing pool of diverse data into insights.

Cloud based solutions, coupled with industry understanding, and deep data domain knowledge around analytics and insights can make the defining difference for companies of any size if and when smartly delivered.


You might not say, however we are strongly committed to diversity

As Chief Executive Officer, Arnoud is directing our overall business strategy.

Arnoud Krom

As Managing Director, Pieter is overseeing the companies’ strategic transition and international expansion.

Pieter Aarts
Managing Director

As Chief Operating Officer, Jorge is managing the client success and operational projects.

Jorge González

As Chief Technology Officer, Ruben is your trusted advisor and in charge of any technical integrations, cloud services, and innovation.

Rubén Trujillo

As Chief Software Architect, Jonathan is supervising nucleoo’s product development roadmap and infrastructure.

Jonathan Ramírez


nucleoo is highly committed to the development of data-driven companies in Granada with shared core values.

By leveraging their innovative insights-as-a-service platform, nucleoo provides Ostrica with immediate and enhanced data analytics.

Leveraging their “insights-as-a-service” platform, nucleoo will provide Euroinnova with instant and enhanced data analytics. 

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