Promoting sustainability
while reducing costs

Nucleoo waste management solution helps businesses to reduce their annual waste by 30%.

Empowering life changing 

while improving efficiency

Get your own Data Management Platform to identify and act on key business events, trends and patterns.

Saving lives
while boosting access to 

Our healthcare solutions are changing the rules of the medical systems: reaching out to +1,000 patients everyday.

Making people happy
while increasing profit

Make your clients happy with your Customer Data Platform and start exceeding their expectations.

Providing time to make a 
 better world

while automatizing daily 

Focus on your core business while we take care of your daily tasks through an Al solution that boosts your productivity.

Boosting tech for meaningful 

your own way

Scale your projects to the next level and bring your ideas to the market through custom software development.

Put technology at the service of value creation

Nucleoo is the partner that helps transformative businesses create value for their customers.

We transform the world with innovative projects providing our technical and business expertise.

We are experts in Software Development, Data & AI and Cloud.

Why our clients choose us?

Know the real benefits of being different

We understand business models
Since 2012increasing business value

Technological expertise for delivery of value
100% clientsready for the future

We differentiate on project management
93% projectson time

Modularity and methodology
24/7at your service

The ones changing the world already

Join the builders of the future

Nucleoo has a team of great professionals with extensive experience in application development, data management, cloud and AI, which makes Indra trust them as a preferred supplier.

Bibiana Moreno Leyva · Senior Manager at Technology Delivery Center at Indra

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