Nucleoo is the central command for your innovation business

Nucleoo integrates with tools your business already uses to a provide a 360 degree view of project progress, real-time alerts, reporting and centralizing your administration in one place.

Nucleoo gives you smarter answers, faster.

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Trash all the paperwork

Public funding helps you grow your business faster, but comes with hours of extra paperwork. Nucleoo makes the administration of your innovation fast and simple, so you can focus on growing your business.

Connects all the tools you use

Nucleoo centralises data from project management applications, time tracking tools and version control systems in one place.

Thanks to the powerful reporting engine you will be in control at any time and have the business intelligence you need to make strategic decisions.

Nucleoo integrations

Nucleoo integrates with the tools you already use.

Instant setup

Setup is a breeze: import users, choose your integrations, and you are ready. Nucleoo automatically imports and syncs all projects, tasks and logged hours, right away.

You do not need to insert projects or tasks manually. After setting up the integrations, you can start instantly without any effort from you or your team.

You can even prepare your first reports as Nucleoo also imports historic data!

Time tracking should not take time

Nucleoo pulls timesheets from comments in project management and version control tools such as Asana, Jira, Github and Gitlab.

Your team can focus on doing what they love: their work. And we take care of your time sheets.

Nucleoo integrates with time tracking tools like Harvest, so you can benefit from our powerful data analysis and reporting without changing what already works for you.

Nucleoo integrations

Nucleoo integrates with the tools you already use.


Most dashboards are limited to a standard set of filters. This provides you with information, but often not the best information for your business. The Nucleoo reporting engine enables you to analyze datasets the way you want with unlimited filtering possibilities.

24/7 KPI Monitoring!

Live alerts on the metrics that matter most to you.

The 24/7 KPI Monitoring module runs in the background and immediately alerts you by email when a target metric is above or below your set limit.

You can set your targets to escalate notifications to the responsible manager directly.

Report productivity in Nucleoo

Our unique reporting engine pulls data from your tools into reports that give your powerful insights.

Nucleoo modules

Efficient communication with your Advisor

Provide external consultants with access to certain projects. The consultant can monitor, review, and advise on these projects in order to comply with the legal frameworks required. Documents do nott need to be sent by mail. They can be shared safely via the platform.


Nucleoo registers hours, code commits and allows you to share documents with an external consultant. Source code is never stored in the app. Nucleoo only imports the url and description. All documents and data are encrypted.


Information is valuable. When it comes to public funding, it is actually a requirement to store all records for a period of over 5 years (WBSO requires 7 year storage). Nucleoo provides encrypted backups to comply with the required storage period. Everything is stored in Nucleoo for each project.

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