Data insights as a service: low cost, no tech, no stack

We all understand the benefits data insights and AI can bring to your business; but tackling the most elementary issues can be cumbersome

By running a platform extracting insights and analysing any data set, nucleoo enables businesses of any size to compete on a level playing field, and win. Distilling business insights from your data in an instant world: relevant, predictive, in context.  

At nucleoo, we are experts in data management, analytics and machine learning to deliver the business insights you need to drive your business forward without compromise.


Rooted in many years of experience in custom data projects, we mastered our ETL knowledge, skills and tools. Along with a passion for empowering your business, at nucleoo we are all about:

Data insights as a service:
low cost, no tech, no stack.

What sets nucleoo apart from competition

nucleoo provides a new way of looking at and dealing with data: one single version of the truth; your companion on your new data journey; supporting your gut business instincts with solid factual insights.

Save time and money with data insights outsourcing

How much are you investing in setting up your own tech stack, processes and workflows from scratch, only to be bombarded by constant updates and compliance notifications from your service providers? And to top it all off: do you know how much you spend to set up each data insights dashboard?

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Security Policy

“We’ve got you covered”

At nucleoo, we understand the importance of managing your valuable data assets securely. 
Data security, availability and privacy are key features when delivering data solutions either in the cloud or on-premise. In addition to the existing foundation of industry standard technologies and leading cloud players (Azure and AWS), nucleoo wields its own safeguards and custom configuration to strengthen existing security features.

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“Solid performance, elastic scale”

Cloud architecture is an essential foundation for any modern data platform. Data availability, centralisation of operation, support and maintenance, affordability, scalability and performance are some of the many advantages of this approach when designing a data platform.
At nucleoo, we have followed this approach to offer the best breed data platform using services from the cloud leaders (Azure and AWS), combined with years of experience in developing software components for data management platforms.

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nucleoo is for everyone

Thanks to our broad range of industry expertise, we are able to take on any challenge and tangibly contribute to the success of your organisation. Whatever your challenge, we provide a fitting solution.

What’s new

Today we live in a globalised world and the retail sector plays a key role in international transactions. The pandemic has been a watershed for many companies in the retail sector.

The phrase “data is the new oil” has become commonplace in business over the last few years and – unsurprisingly – many data service providers have successfully tapped the market. Yet, as in any sector, there is huge variance in the quality of the product provided.  

Pieter Aarts and Rubén Trujillo Fernández – CSO and CTO at nucleoo discuss how nucleoo secures their clients’ data.
At nucleoo we all know that data security, availability and privacy are key features when delivering data solutions either in the cloud or on-premise.

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Find out more about all our editions and pricing below.

Enjoy transparent pricing by choosing the number of unique data sources and reports you need. You can also customise your plan to meet your needs and extend it with additional expert sessions or protons. 
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3 months


Hop on the data driven journey

· Secure Cloud Infrastructure setup including cloud costs
· 4 unique data sources included
· Data transformation
· Secure storage
· 3 reports
· On demand reporting
· Exploration
· Customer success manager
· 2 Expert sessions
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2,950€ / month
12 months


Kickstart your data journey

After freemium, prolongation:
· On demand reporting
· Exploration
· Maintenance for 1 report and 2 data sources
· Customer success manager
· Additional service can be acquired using protons
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5,950€ 4,950€ / month
12 months


Data driven & AI ready

After freemium, prolongation:
· On demand reporting
· Exploration
· Maintenance for 3 reports and 4 data sources
· Customer success manager
· 2 Expert sessions
· Data roadmap 
· 10 Free protons per month for additional service needs
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24 months


Advanced & tailored

Pro plus:
· Additional data sources
· Additional reports
· Maintenance for additional reports and data sources
· Additional expert sessions
· Additional protons per month
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